England Coast Path

The England Coast Path – A project born out of years of Ramblers’ campaigning.

In the past days I was really excited to discover that the worlds longest continuos coastal trail will be opened in 2020, and further more that it is right on my doorstep in England. The final trail will be almost 3,000 miles long, and for the first time it gives the right of access to open coast allowing people to walk over access land to explore right up to the water’s edge. The England Coast Path will increase tourism, connect communities, boost rural economies, and allow opportunities for people to enjoy walking by the seaside. Natural England has been busy working with landowners, highway authorities and others to open up stretches of the path. With nine stretches now open and work underway on many more, it should be open in no time.

You can follow the ramblers on Facebook and Twitter or read more about the project here.



Here is an interesting documentary I came across online called The London Perambulator. It features Will Self, Iain Sinclair and Russell Brand alongside writer and researcher Nick Papadimitriou – a man whose life is dedicated to exploring and archiving the edgelands beyond the high street, the retail park and the suburban walkways.



Transport bosses have unveiled the first official map showing the walking times between central London’s Tube stations. The comprehensive plan highlights the time it takes to travel on foot between almost all of the stations on London’s Underground network. It is the first official one of its kind and was released following the popularity of other unofficial versions. Walking from Leicester Square to the markets of Covent Garden takes just four minutes, but many tourists make the longer journey by Tube. People can now use the new walking Tube map to navigate London above ground, while taking in its iconic sights.

Click here to see 8 tube journeys that are quicker by foot!



It has been a busy few months for the photography collective MAP6, as we have been working on a new project together. The central theme of the project is HOME and each of our 6 new series will depict an individual response to this proposal. The work is nearing completion and we have began the process of putting an edit together. Like our Moscow Project, the new work will also take the form of a publication and an exhibition. On top of this, we have been busy planning our next trip abroad. Since the success of our trip to Moscow we have been itching to get away together again, to make new work. We are glad to announce that our next chosen location will be Vilnius in Lithuania. Furthermore, we will be updating our website with lots of new work, which you can visit here. There will be more news about our various projects soon, but for now you can keep up to date with what we are doing by liking our facebook page here. 2015 will be a busy year for MAP6, we are very excited.