I am currently working on a new series of photographs with the photography collective MAP6. My series is called Junction and is being made in response to the collective theme of HOME. I hope to have some examples of the new work on my website soon.



On October 25th the photography collective MAP6 will be flying out to Vilnius in Lithuania for our annual gathering. There, each member will have a week to produce a new series of images that will come together in a group project. During our time away we will be posting updates and images online which you can see on our Facebook page here. You can find out more about the MAP6 photography collective on our website here.


To be practised in unknown cities (or areas of a city) or any place with potential for multiple chip shops.

1.Locate a chip shop.

2.Buy a bag of chips.

3.Have them wrapped ‘open’ to eat whilst walking.

4.Choose a direction to walk in.

5.Walk and eat.

6.When you locate another chip shop, repeat from step 2.

7.If you finish your chips before locating another chip shop ask passers-by to point you towards one.

8.Cease when exhausted/sated.

Best practised in a small group in order to avoid chip poisoning.
Can be adapted to other foodstuffs, depending on local ubiquity.

By walkwalkwalk

Taken from Ways to Wander by Clare Qualmann & Claire hind






In his wonderful series Camino del Diablo photographer Mark Klett captures the historic path running through the Arizona desert into California. On his journey Klett came upon objects that emphasised the differences between a 21st-century and a 19th-century trek on the path: live bombs and rockets, bales of dope, villages made out of shipping containers and people crossing in air-conditioned vehicles.

You can find out more about the work on his website here.