DSC_6015I made this photograph recently when I was out walking in Amberley. The river is the Arun and at 37 miles (60 km) it is the longest in Sussex. This was once the site of a busy inland shipping route, built to connect London with the English Channel and beyond. However traffic on the route declined due to the railways and it ceased to operate commercially in the 1880’s. As I stood taking in the view, I thought back to the successes and failures surrounding the landscape. Once a busy scene where one could see vessels transporting goods has now given way to being a place of leisure, peace and tranquility. The river bend is now a place of calm where I watched patrons of a tea room eating tea cakes and chatting amongst one another. I thought to myself what could be more illogical, yet typically English, than sipping hot tea in the blazing sun. What a bizarre bunch we are.

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