John Maclean1

John Maclean has been busy over the past few years working on a number of excellent self published books, A to B is the 7th. On the last page of the book he succinctly explains the contents of the book “Forty-two photographs taken during 37 walks between the sites of Newgate prison and the Tyburn Tree, between 23 August 2009 and 3 Februrary 2011”. The tone of this brief text goes hand in hand with the works meticulous pin point execution.

From a map of London on his studio wall, Maclean chose two points (A and B), one east and one west, then he walked repeatedly from one to the other whilst photographing what he saw. The resulting images show us views abstracted from the world that explore darkness and light. The information in each image is reduced to the point where the original subject is almost indiscernible. The photographs do not show us a recognisable view of the city but rather a highly personal and expressive insight into the way Maclean sees the world.

A to B demonstrates the possibilities that can be drawn from organised walking exploration. By simply choosing two points on a map and walking between them repeatedly, Maclean managed to conjure up a fascinating, thought provoking and complex series of photographs.

John Maclean book

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