A walk across england As well as walking literature I will be posting photographic books from both photographers and artists. This book was highly influential to me when I was first studying photography back in 2000. Not only was Richard Long the first walking artist I was exposed to but he was also the first person I found that combined photography and walking.

On the back of the book Long writes:

I went down to the sea to start
A walk across England as art.
Along lanes past flowers
In sunshine and showers
Carrying a stone each day close to my heart.

Long was invited to make a piece that would appeal to adults and children alike, drawing attention to the simplicity and wonder of walking. The viewer is taken on a visual journey from one side of England to the other and shown not only the paths and landscape that Long traverses but also his own subjective presence within the images. Every now and then I like to get the book down off of my shelf to remind me of the excitement of simply walking and looking.

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